Day 3: Bracero & Farmworker Mural


Muralist Raul Valdez begins to give details to the large hands facing palm up. His goal is to give detail to the hard work braceros & farmworkers endured through out their lives. Braceros were often inspected before they could be formally hired to work in the fields. Many times they were asked to show their hands to the inspectors so that they could show their callused hands. With his artistic qualities, Mr. Valdez began to draw out this experience.

People driving by are starting to take notice of the mural. Giving the crew a thumbs up as they pass by is common through out the day. Among those driving by was Mr. Lopez whos father was a bracero. Also stopping by was Mrs. Patty who recognized the photo of the two boys on the east wall. She mentioned that those were her two uncles, one of which lives in Houston now. After taking a picture with her cell phone she was very excited to post this picture on her families facebook page.

End of Day 3


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