Day 5: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

It’s June in the city of San Juan, TX! The heat is definitely on but it is not detouring our UTPA students from tackling the bracero mural. Arriving at 7:00 am, these dedicated folks are committed to the completion of this historic art piece.


Here we see Eddie giving detail to the onions, tangerines, and oranges that were common fruits and vegetables cultivated by farmworkers.


Muralist Raul Valdez overseeing the project as it develops on the first day of June.


Steve finds the perfect solution to fight the heat as he continues to work on the east wall.



El Retorno de Julian! We are glad to see our new friend back for his second day of painting. Documenting the progress is Christian Ramirez.


Some shade was provided by the scaffolds and a tent. As the mural begins to progress towards the East we can now see a more colorful wall. People of all ages are pictured here working on the wall.


The end of day five.



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