Day 6: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

A major change in the development of the mural occurred over the weekend. The hands at the center of the north wall will be replaced with a much more powerful image. Muralist Raul Valdez holds a sketch of what will be the new focal point of the bracero and farmworker experience.


With this change UTPA students Erica Herrera, Norma Perez, and alumni Eddie Quintero coordinate the next phase of the mural. This group of talented individuals have provided an immense amount of work and dedication to what they hope will reflect the bracero and farmworkers experience. Their sketches have been incorporated through out the North wall.




Despite a demanding academic schedule, UTPA professor Dr. Stephanie Alvarez has dedicated her time to take food and water out to the group and at time has helped in the painting process. Thank you Dr. Alvarez for your exemplarily work in our community.


Changes were also added to the left side of the wall by Eddie Quintero as he replaced the crates of fruit. The fruit appears to be falling off of a truck and better fits the flow of the mural.


At the end of day six:




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1 Response to Day 6: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

  1. stephanie says:

    this is so amazing. thanks to everyone involved! i love the updates. thanks christian for documenting the progress.

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