Day 7: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

It’s opening day at the San Juan Municipal pool. The mural will serve as a welcoming image for all those who use the municipal park and swimming pool. Erica Herrera and Norma Perez continue to paint on Tuesday morning.


Stopping by today was Salinas Elementary 5th grade teacher Guillermo Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez brought his niece and nephews to help paint in order to expose them to murals and to remind them of the type of work their grandfather endured in his life time. “It’s important that they know where our family comes from. Also I want them to know what murals are and why they are important for our community.” Thank you Mr. Hernandez for your efforts and well hearted guidance.



After a few hours of work the crew enjoys a breezy lunch at the San Juan Municipal park.


Norma Perez takes a photograph of Raul’s arm in order to draw a more accurate fist on the farmworker centered on the north wall.


Norma also sketched out an air craft flying over the fields that will soon depict pesticides sprayed across rows of crops. Farmworkers have been exposed to these toxic fumes that have caused many to have deplorable health conditions.


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