Day 9: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

The efforts and hard work of all those involved with the mural continues to be recognized through out the Rio Grande Valley. The front page of the monitor gives a summary of how the mural became a reality in the city of San Juan, TX. The link is provided here:

Train tracks will be added today by Austin artist Camille Gerhardt. The idea to use the circular air vent as the front of a locomotive was also inspired by Camille early last week. Thus far it has provided an important illustration for the narrative of the mural. Many of the details along the wall have been a collaboration between our Austin artist and UTPA students. More importantly the over all theme is a reflection of the request by the surrounding community.



The use of smart phones have been of great help for our artist as they pull up photographs of different images through out the project. Taking shade under a scaffold we see Erica Herrera and Norma Perez looking up a picture of squash, carrots, and cucumbers.



Swimming lessons continue through the morning hours. Many parents have stopped and complimented the artists before entering the pool. Below, a father stops to take a closer look at the work being done.


Members of the community stopped by after reading about the mural in the newspaper to see for themselves. Representatives from UTPA also took some time to interview those working on the bracero & farmworker mural project. In many instances the students response to why they are participating in this project was to give value and recognition the work braceros and farmworkers do. Also notable, these students have grandfathers who came to the United States under the bracero program. Connecting to their own family experience these young men and women hope to restore a part of history that has been omitted from traditional and contemporary textbooks.


Norma Perez interviewed by UTPA



Dr. Stephanie Alvarez asking our young participants as to their thoughts of the mural.


Community members come out to see the mural upon hearing of its progress and at times put their brushes to work.



End of day 9:



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1 Response to Day 9: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

  1. Norma Ramirez says:

    Thank you for reminding us of where we come from. A person should never forget their beginnings.

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