Day 10: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

Working to the cumbias of Fito Olivarez the team begins to fill in the deep creases in the brick to get the best results for the mural. Using concrete filler UTPA students and alumni assist the Austin duo in completing what will be the first mural in the Rio Grande Valley that honors braceros. Community members continue to approach the site with gratitude and at times suggestions. Many have stated that they have never seen anything like this in the valley and are glad that the city of San Juan, TX has taken on the project with open arms. Children walking into the pool can be heard asking their parents “what is that? Why are those people getting sprayed?” It is our responsibility to answer these questions sought out by our future leaders.


Facing the challenge of painting the air vent located at the center of the locomotive, Steve Morin, uses spray paint to get better results as opposed to traditional paint brushing. 20120608-103323.jpg20120608-103331.jpg

Representatives from L.U.P.E. stop by today to see the progress. Earlier in the week the team took some time and toured the L.U.P.E. headquarters to reflect on the murals that exist in their building. The images were very impressive, powerful, and gave a narrative that is of great importance to farmworkers. We give thanks for their hospitality and also for some much needed refreshments brought to the mural site on this hot summer day. 20120608-112224.jpg





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