Day 12: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

Organizing farmworkers in South Texas in the mid 70’s, Antonio Orendain established the Texas Farm Worker Union. Advocating for a more just and humane treatment of farmworkers, Mr. Orendain has made great efforts to give voice to agricultural workers in Texas.
In February 1977 union members began a 420-mile march from San Juan, Texas to the capital at Austin. That same year, Orendain led forty union members on a 1,600-mile march from Austin to Washington, DC. The journey started in June 1977 and ended at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial September. On June 11th, 2012 Mr. Orendain witnessed his grandson, Joseph A. Orendain, participate in the creation of a mural that presents a narrative very similar to the legacy he continues to live today. Gently smiling, Mr. Orendain reminisces his experiences as an activist with muralist Raul Valdez. Exchanging a few laughs Raul recollects playing his guitar in solidarity with those marching towards Washington D.C.





Much of the morning was dedicated to filling in negative space. Accompanied by his nieces and nephews, math teacher, Guillermo Hernandez continues to share the importance of the muralism and community engagement with them.




The team of UTPA student painters returned this afternoon. As the sun descends Erica Herrera sketches out silhouettes of farmworkers marching in protest for their rights.


Sketching out the next phase of the project, our artist continue to share and compare ideas for what would best connect the North and East wall.


Nearing the end of the day Camille etches out Tlaloc while Erica begins to work on Tonatiuh.



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