Day 17: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

Raul Valdez included the United Farm Workers (UFW) flag on the east wall today. With the help of both Norma Perez and Christian Ramirez, the UFW Is proudly held by a figure of a women in protest for human dignity. This powerful image gives voice to our community members who have demanded the just treatment of farmworkers in the Rio Grande Valley. 20120616-121457.jpg20120616-121546.jpg20120616-121645.jpg20120616-121819.jpg

Camille Gerhardt and Eddie Quintero continued to detail the Toltec warrior at the entrance to the San Juan municipal pool. Wrapping around the column this task demands a great deal of concentration and precision. Both artist collaborate to make their end result as sharp as possible. 20120616-122221.jpg



Raul has optimistically mentioned the completion of the mural as scheduled. Most of the covered entrance will be painted in by children who wish to volunteer and take part in this project. We encourage our young community members to come and visit with our team and discuss what they want to see on their mural.


Final images for day 17:






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