Day 18: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

Returning for their fourth week of painting, the team of Austin artist, UTPA students, and alumni have made great advancements in this project. Only a small space of white paint remains on the east wall. The covered entrance was given a neutral earth tone so that children of any age could join our team in efforts to engage them in this community endeavor.

Raul Valdez and Camille Gerhardt quickly finished additional silhouettes of protesters unifying for their rights on the east wall. Utilizing their time wisely, most of this work was done within a few hours after sunrise.



Eddie Quintero, Steve Morin, and Camille Gerhardt continue to work on the Toltec column near the entrance to the pool. Dedicating hours to this task alone has paid off tremendously for our artist. Recreating this image has by no means been easy, but this talented group of artist have made a simple column into a historically relevant figure for our Mexican and Mexican American community.



Our day was shared with a few extra hands who were eager to paint. Erica Herrera assists her 3 year old niece in painting a few flowers near the entrance.




A few minutes later they were joined by others. Muralist Raul Valdez was open to the idea of letting kids paint what they desired on their mural. Many of these young students, most were of elementary age, showed a high level of interest in painting and came prepared with sketch drawing.



Guided by their parents and UTPA student artist, our team of young painters requested to draw palm trees, butterflies, fruits, and an assortment of additional insects. Here we see some of our young community members concentrating on their paint strokes. We are very proud of their beautifully crafted material that now decorates the covered entrance.






Final images at the end of day 18:





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