Day 19: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

Over the weekend, Austin muralist Raul Valdez and Camille Gerhardt worked on the final piece of art that would complete the north side of the San Juan municipal pool. The morning hours were spent applying the previously prepares parachute cloth to the second level of the north wall. The narrative of hardship and struggle endured by braceros and farmworkers culminates with the image of a family filled with an expression of laughter. Two graduates, wearing zarape stoles, are joined by their parents and sibling in celebration of their academic achievements. This moment of triumph is cast above the adversity of those who perhaps not given the same opportunity and reflects a positive message for our community.

Erica Herrera and Camille Gerhardt work together to make sure the cloth is applied evenly onto the wall.


UTPA student Norma Perez supervises her niece as she paints on the covered entrance for the first time. Norma also helped supervise additional children who stopped by to contribute to their wall.



Eddie Quintero puts some finishing touches that includes a headband that wraps around the Toltec column.



By the end of the day the north wall was completely filled in. The bracero and farmworker narrative has been given a space for recognition and value in Rio Grande Valley. Honoring those men in our community who have endured hardships and triumphs has been a great pleasure for all those involved in this project. We hope that this mural also sets an example for other cities across the Valley as well.




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