Mural Dedication

August 9th, 2012 was a day of acknowledgement for the community of San Juan, TX and the rest of the Rio Grande Valley. Through muralism, Braceros and Farmworkers were honored and given a space of cultural reflection that is often times neglected. With the completion of the mural, generations of students will be able to discuss, learn, and give value to their community. This deeply needed form of cultural representation was completed with the collective efforts of various UTPA professors, administrators, city officials, and student organizations. This day was made to honor all of those persons who contributed their time, effort, and talents to this project.


The city of San Juan provided much more than economic resources for the mural. Their dedication and commitment was embracive from the beginning. Acknowledging their community member is of great importance in San Juan and it is now visually represented in a space where families and generations will be able to gain knowledge of hardships and triumph.


Above, San Juan mayor San Juanita Sanchez beautifully exhibits her musical talent for the audience.

The ceremony was lead by UTPA professor Dr. Stephanie Alvarez. Her commitment to student engagements and communtiy empowerment has been instrumental in helping her students become socially active members of their community. With her guidance, students regcognize the importance of representation of self.




Once again we would like to thank all those who contributed in giving voice to these brave men. Much of what the Rio Grande Valley is today is owed to those that cultivated our land and ensured a better life for future generations. The work endured by Braceros and that continues to be done by farmworkers across the Unites States will no longer be ignored. Their extremely important contribution to our society will forever be reflected in San Juan!

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