Day 15: Bracero & Farmworker Mural

The north wall, being nearly complete, remained untouched as the team began to paint the east side of the building. Bright colors and silhouettes of men and women marching for their rights will represent the efforts of so many of the community members who have fought for farmworker rights. Erica Herrera and Camille Gerhardt start The day by layering the back ground colors. Supervising their progress Raul Valdez holds up a sketch of the silhouettes and begins to visualize their place on the east wall.





Norma Perez, Eddie Quintero, and Anna Bell Salamanca shade in the different sections of the Toltec column. As an alumni of UTPA and recent recipient of her masters degree in Mexican American studies from San Jose State University, Anna Bell commits part of her day to assisting the crew with anything they need. Eddie has help guide our first time painters as to how they can mix colors to create the appearance of a stone like texture on the Toltec column.



Despite an injured shoulder, muralist Raul Valdez finds himself atop a scaffold ready to paint a figure of resistance and resilience. Raul reminds his crew and community members that this is their mural and not his. This is a consistent discourse that has been introduced through out each phase of the bracero and farmworker mural.





With only a few days left to finish, the team of UTPA students, alumni, and Austin artist have made exceptional strides to complete as much as possible each day.

End of day 15:






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